Short Description

Automatic fire extinguishing systems are new generation (very fast effective) pulsed dry powder modules.

Sapfir Modules are non-pressurized containers installed in their sensor system, they are light, easy to assemble and transport, do not require pipe operation, there is no operating cost for long years beyond service control.

Sapfir Modules are the least costly powder type automatic fire extinguisher. Sapfir modules are insulated from air during producing process. Thus, it is protected from external influences. For this reason, long-term maintenance without waiting for maintenance remains running.

Sapfir Modules can be activated automatically or manually after fire detection. In case of fire, the cold gas generator is activated. It converts the substance into cold gas and initiates a chemical reaction that creates a positive pressure within the module.

Who are we?

Our most important goal is “to lead in the development of systems that will enable people to live in better quality standards.”

Our company which was founded in 2012, has been working in many different areas and has created many innovative projects. We continue to contribute to the creation of the new innovative investments.


It is to be a reliable brand in the sector, protecting global values, contributing to world economy and development, working with contemporary high technologies, reaching global competitive power, providing qualified solutions to professional expectations.


Our mission is to create commercial values by offering innovative solutions. For this purpose, our company carries out design, development activities based on R & D studies and trading of the solutions offered. These solutions include; It includes engineering services such as consultancy, technical support, new and original technology based, high added value, cost-performance efficient, qualified and environmentally friendly products and systems, reducing external dependency.


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